EDUSOL Investment cc, under its trading mark EDUSOL Book & Stationary Distributor is private owned entity a reliable stakeholder in education that specializes in the distribution of textbooks, stationery and education supplementary materials. We value and regards our clients as partners, therefore we believe they should focus their energy on the important and daunting tasks of educating our nation while we do the heavy lifting duty of sourcing the best tools for them to completes their job.

We are committed to walking that extra mile and are only an e-mail, text and telephone call away!

Put us to task, we will walk the talk for you…


The foundation of every state is the education of its youth, hence the provision of quality educational resources is our:

“ Quest for Excellence”


Core Values

  • Professional

We handle every single task with the professionalism it deserves and we leave no stone unturned.

  • Passionate

Education is our passion, hence we believe no distance should be a barrier to sourcing the best for the future leaders.

  • Innovative

Education is ever evolving, we believe in a continual responsive attitude to embrace changes and technology